Friday, 19 March 2010

Computer says no.

In fact, more accurately, Scales of Doom say “F*** off”. They don’t care that I’ve cycled some 35 miles this week, they don’t care about my restraint at the weekend (although they do seem to have picked up on my stress-induced Haribo binge yesterday). With no thought of my morale or sanity, they say I’ve put on another 2lbs. So that’s now almost 11lbs to lose in a week and a half to keep to my disappointing but (formerly) realistic goal for Naughty R’s wedding. I don’t need to say any more on that, do I?

I thought I had better cycle today after that. I was unbelievably tired and with a sore throat but cycle I did. Now it’s raining and I’m likely to get soaked going home. It brings fresh perspective to that old idiom “it never rains but it pours”!

I have noticed that it’s currently mostly women cycling. The pillock peloton, I suspect, see no reason to cycle if they can’t be doing so in cutaway lycra without catching their deaths (looking ridiculous obviously not a big deal for them at any point). I suspect that if they didn’t cycle, they’d all be extras in Priscilla Queen of the Desert. They may be that too of course!

My cycling plans for the next few weeks don’t look impressive – I can only cycle next Wednesday of next week (weather permitting) and that’s not ideal as I have to get back for being on call that night. And the following week only Monday. I will be doing a long walk next weekend and then it’s our walking week in Dorset (5 go mad in Dorset) so at least some exercise. I think I can be reasonably careful in Dorset on the food front.... But none of this sounds sufficiently hardcore enough to enable me to lose my half stone a month (and, as discussed, I’m way behind my trajectory already). Is dieting only possible if you’re exclusively doing that and nothing else? I fear so.


FitFunk said...

Hang in there. Sometimes one just has to focus on not gaining weight, rather than losing. Haribo happens.

Lesley said...

Hey chuck - go easy on yourself. The cycling is good for you irrespective of the weight thing. That Steve Peters chap told us not to get hooked up on targets and dates as we'd risk knocking our self confidence and then retreating to food again.

I know it's frustrating for you but keep an eye on the bigger picture. You're doing great.

Lesley x

Call me Ishmael said...

You know my feelings about the SODs. Vicious, vicious little creatures. I agree with FitFunk and Lesley: take your eye off the scale for a while and focus on all the positive things you've been doing. I am currently doing the same -- for once taking my own advice, instead of just doling it out like I know what I'm talking about! But seriously, you are doing great -- and Dorset is going to be fun, it sounds like. Go and walk and enjoy with a light heart.

Lesley said...

You've got a deal on Gene Hunt - way older than the lovely Hathaway!!