Thursday, 18 September 2008

Food thoughts

Not that my mind isn't constantly on the subject of food anyway - sad but true. Seriously, I'm constantly wondering what I might fancy to eat next. Sometimes I manage not to pursue this and leave it, often I give in. I possibly think more about food on packs but act on it more seldom. Anyway, these are the things floating around at the forefront of my confused little brain:

1) I seem to be getting some sort of indigestion type thing (I think - I assume that's what it is) when I eat too much sweet stuff. Never happened to me before. Not putting me off. But makes me wonder why...

2) In Wales, on one of the rare walks, I noticed that I had MORE energy last time I did the walk in May. I had been on low carb immediately before that holiday. Interesting...

3) I am completely in conflict about the thought of returning to packs. On the one hand I dread it, especially when I'm thinking about stews, soups, crumbles and general winter fare (NOT about enforced separation from sugar which is what you would think would have me whimpering in fear). On the other I almost feel a type of relief that it will take me away (to a certain extent) from the tyranny of sugar (see above). And get me back into my clothes of course which is the main thing and something I crave as much as sugar.

4) AM starting to feel that panic about wanting to hoover up anything I might conceivably fancy whilst being on pack deprivation. Not good, not healthy and reinforces the yo-yo-ing behaviour I seem to be up to my neck in and that I'm getting more and more anxious about. And don't know what to do about.

So, weekend in New Forest - weather forecast good so walks to balance inevitable big breakfasts and dinners. Culminating in cream tea at my mum's on Sunday. Then packs will commence (dooooom) - talk about sublime to ridiculous. Did a second run this morning despite being so stiff and sore that I could hardly move yesterday. Thinking secondary stiffness is setting in as we speak. It better have busted some lard for all this pain, that's all I'm saying (especially given pending cream tea).


Lesley said...

You seem to be in a very similar place to me - not wanting to do the packs but not seeing a feasible alternative at the moment!

I've just totted up my packs. I have enough to do 7 days on them (full 4 packs a day routine) so I'm gong to bite the bullet, do the packs for 7 days before I go on holday to stop this terrible feasting I'm doing at the mo and to get me feeling a bit thinner before my hols. I know it's only a quick fix but it'll help for my hols and then I won't have any hanging around as a solution afterwards either.

Then, when I get back from SA no doubt fat and happy, I'm going to work out a better longterm solution!

Good luck with your return to doooom tomorrow and I hope you can get over the yo-yoing.

Well done on the running too!

Lesley x

J said...

Hi Peridot
Thanks for your comment - I have rejoined the dreaded wobble watchers in the hope of finding balance! I had to do something to try and regain control and without the motivation of the big day I've really struggled - I am always gettng back on track 'tommorrow'. Well tommorrow I really am (curtesy of points make prizes)
How are things with you?