Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Drying out

Well, we're back from Wales, soggy and fat. I had hoped that the additional weight was caused by water logging but now I've dried out it doesn't seem to be! The weather was atrocious - severe weather warnings, gales, autumnal chilliness, torrential rain, floods - so much so, that although we'd gone with all the gear, we only managed to walk on 3 of the 12 days as the rain was so bad. It rained EVERY DAY. Bf wondered why the sheep were so white - BECAUSE THEY WERE CONSTANTLY ON A COLD WASH CYCLE. In fact, I reckon they'd be easily ten times as big and fluffy naturally but had been shrunk in the permanent wash. So we spent alot of time chuntering about the weather in tearooms, eating cake. Which was nice in a way (and surely very traditionally British?!) but - coupled with enforced inactivity - means that I am now 1 and a half stone heavier than my lightest weight of late July/early August. It goes on so easily! And comes off so slowly! Why??? (delivered in whiny whimper)

This weekend we're in the New Forest for bf's big 5-0 birthday weekend, courtesy of his sweet parents. More eating but hopefully more walking too. Well, a maxium of 2 walks really - and only one will be a long one but I'm looking forward to it anyway. And - shush - the forecast doesn't mention rain. So far..

Then, sadly, it's back to packs for me. I think until the great Chav Wedding at the end of October. At the moment, nothing fits me (just to spell it out, all my clothes are too tight and linger graphically over my lardy stomach) and I have to get back in to them just so I don't have to wear the same thing every day (and feel dreadful in it to boot) and so buying an outfit for Chav Wedding won't be too extraordinarily traumatic.

I'm back to the running. It was SO hard after less than 3 weeks away. I ran yesterday morning (s-l-o-w-l-y) and can barely move my legs without wincing at the pain in my front thighs today (I'm guessing there's a technical name for that bit). But that's got to be good, right? Will be back out there tomorrow at 6.15am, sigh. Assuming that my legs still operate then....

And Naughty R - what a girl! Our LLC reckons she's 3 weeks away from being smack bang in the middle of her ideal BMI and off the packs for good. Wow - a moment of awed silence from me. I don't think I'll ever get to the mythical ideal BMI but I'd be happy - deliriously so - as a small size 14, which I reckon I need to lose at least 2st for.

My biggest challenge is finding a long term way of life that doesn't involve swinging between binging and packs like some demented yo-yo. And I don't have a clue as to how to achieve that. I'm dreading packs but I also feel stuck at the moment - stuck in fat, panic-eating sugary oblivion. There must be a middle ground - it's how I find it and stick to it long-term. Still, short term first! Packs. Embrace them I must. Woman cannot live by cake alone - sadly. I've proved that one beyond a shadow of a doubt - count it as my gift to science.


Lesley said...

God! The great British summer eh?!

No - I'm not on packs. I have failed miserably to get to LL on a regular basis. I am leaving for South Africa in 2 weeks and have enough packs left to do 2 or 3 packs a day with a meat/fish and salad or veggies evening meal until I leave, so that is what I'm going to do - even half a stone off would help.

If you can go back on the dreaded packs, I can definitely do a sort of RTM week 2-4 for a fortnight!!

We can do it!!!

Lesley x

Mrs said...

Hey hey hey!

Welcome back from a wet Wales. It's time for all of us to regroup, isn't it???

I'm like you but...worse!!! It's as if I never did LighterLife!

The question is this...just HOW did naughty R do it? I mean ... really? How did she? Let's find out and...think about doing the same.

Welcome back;it's been too long.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx