Thursday, 21 July 2016

Unhappy anniversary

Oh dear.  You know how my modus operandi is slogging away at the diet and seeing little result or no result?  I went off-piste last weekend.  As in spectacularly off-piste: Reader, I went berserk.  I knew I was going out for dinner on Friday – a deal for three courses and a glass of champagne – and I knew that we were going to meet for a couple of cocktails first in our favourite bar (this was inevitable given that by some twist of happy fate, both places were in the same hotel).  But. 
  • ·         4 cocktails
  • ·         Glass champagne
  • ·         Flight of champagne (three small glasses)
  • ·         Shared a bottle of wine with P (I definitely had well under half)

Eek!  I don’t drink a lot – mainly because of being calorific – so this is a LOT of booze for me.  P went on to have dessert wine and a large whisky – and he’d had two gins before I got there.  Suffice it to say though that when I got up on Saturday I am pretty sure I was still drunk.  This – combined with a dress rehearsal and performance that day (choir) – led to random and reckless eating on Saturday.   And you know that I beaver away and get a fractional loss?  SO doesn’t work the other way around: I put on 4lbs. 

Overall – WI was today – I’m 2lbs up.  And I looked back across my stats and I can see that I’ve been in this stone bracket for a year.  I cannot believe I’ve been slogging all this time and have only got to x.4 – currently I’m x.7.  I had really wanted to be down in the next stone bracket by now.  Hell, by months ago.  Still, I’m not allowing it to de-rail me into another weekend like last weekend.  You may start talking about stable doors and bolting horses.  You may even be right.  But given that I can do that much damage in two days, if I went free-style, it’s possibly for the best. 


Seren said...

I saw the pictures on Instagram and those cocktails looked beautiful. And I still don't think that the consumption was commensurate with the gain. I admire you terribly for being so positive in terms of getting back to it - you work so hard and your metabolism is just plain mean.

Any particular cocktail recommendations? I tried a Porn Star martini recently and although I loathe the name, the combination of passion fruit and vanilla vodka was a beautiful thing.


Lesley said...

Well I'm piling it on right now so that has to stop. Just reading some blogs a good first step. Now for some actual dieting and exercise!! Well done for that positivity and stick at it ability!! Lxxx