Monday, 8 February 2016

Just a girl, standing in front of SoD....

At least that’s January out of the way.  February is grim but at least there’s pancake day.  Admittedly, not good for weight but very good for cheering up purposes. 

Which brings us on to....

Yeah, I did okay last week – I lost 2.5lbs.  The reason I’m not jumping in the air, punching it in the manner of an 80’s rawk god, or indeed a grey politician (yes, Mr Duncan-Smith, I’m looking at you.  Although trying not to.) is that SoD is busily informing me that ever since that point (and indeed slightly before it), my weight is going in the wrong direction.

As of today, I’ve put 2lbs of that back on.  Sigh.  I hope that by Thursday (next WI) I can turn that around as I have two starve days in between now and then (today and Wednesday) but sandwiched beautifully in between those two days, in a somewhat ironic juxtaposition, is pancake day.  I had thought we’d be having Shrove, er, Friday as I was due to meet a friend, but work is such that I’ve had to pretty much cancel all social occasions for the month. 

Of course, I could skip pancakes entirely (whimper) but you know what?  I don’t want to.  I hate this time of year and this is pretty much the only bright spot in a desert of grimness.  A dessert in the desert, if you will...  I am a pancake purist so it’s only heavy on the lemon, light on the sugar rather than drifts of cream, buckets of nutella or the like, but we all know that there are no diets which feature pancakes.  Or do we – if you know of one PLEASE tell me stat.

The thing is, I need to accept – ideally not begrudgingly – that it’s not what you don’t eat that counts when you stand before (or indeed on) SoD.  As is reflected in my stats so far this week.   Intuitively I feel that every time I don't eat something that I want to, that there should be a small commensurate downward movement on the scales as a reward. Thursday was a charity cake sale at work.  Now, this is, in some respects a tale of virtue: I had two v small slices and chucked a 3rd away after one bite as not worth the calories (it was a wrench even so).  For this I forewent breakfast and lunch.  But clearly that is not enough.  Again, we were away for the weekend so I was v cautious in other meals and tried to minimise damage but dinner with friends at their house was the most difficult to negotiate. 

All this caution is against the backdrop of a tricky time at work with a ready supply of chocolate – it’s not easy.  I do keep reminding myself of the holiday though.  At the WI I thought I was in with a chance of hitting my target pre-hols; now, not so much.  Anyway, let’s see where 2 starve days, pancakes-by-exception and discipline takes me.  It’s got to be better than where I am now, in any case.  Pancakes notwithstanding. 

I’m still finding the Jane Plan lunches hard.  The breakfasts are more than I’m used to and tasty too, dinners are quite meagre but mainly palatable (I’ve had meatballs – really nice, and tuna pasta – okay but rather tasteless) but the lunches are small and at best tasteless (broccoli and cheese soup – smelly, and bean salad – not pleasant).  But they’re not horrible like Lighter Life bars were so it could be a lot worse.

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Seren said...

Re pancakes - YES to loads of lemon juice and a scant whisper of sugar. Although, in recent years we've rather fallen in love with the April Bloomfield tip of combining European crepes with American bacon and maple syrup and it is, truly, a thing of beauty.

Your posts always make me smile (wryly) because most people would say "Frabjous day! I lost 2.5 lbs!" - end of sentence. But your first sentence is "I lost 2.5 lbs" and then you spend the rest of the post telli us that a) you've already put it on again, b) you didn't deserve it in the first place or c) both. I wish you could take more pride in your steps forward.

Jane plan: my immediate thought is, could you split breakfast into two mini meals? Maybe one at breakfast time and one to bolster lunch? Or is that counter to the rules?