Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A clothe thing

So, the old ‘quick on, quick off’ thing?  Apparently doesn’t apply to me L. I lost 1.5lbs.  There are several points I want to make here:
  • SoD itself was hungry – I had to feed it with a new battery (making me late for work) so you’d think it would have a bit of empathy
  •  TWO starve days
  •  Okay, period is due very imminently so that may have affected it
  • TWO starve days
  •  I was pretty impressive this week overall
  • I had a sneaky WI after the first (of TWO) starve days and had lost 2lbs so with an additional starve day and extra dieting days, I seem to have put ON 0.5lb.

In summary: humph, grrr.  I’m hoping that all is explained by my impending period.  Because after all, what could be nicer than additional chub as the icing on a cake of pain?  Rhetorical question, dear Reader.

In any case I’m on a starve day today – the first of two for this WI week – so I am pressing on.  Next WI will hopefully show a far more impressive loss – and that is what is preventing me salving my wounds with a liberal internal application of sugar (chocolate, cakes, sweets...).

It will also be the last before my holiday as we fly next Thursday.

I had a bit of a holiday related shock (no, not the £ although that too obviously.  And don’t even get me started on the outrageous sum we had to pay BA to book our seats together, on top of the additional cost for Premium Economy (nearly £180 and they’re lousy seats)).  I had emailed the bear watching people to test my assumption that the clothing list was for all year round and I wouldn’t really need to bring gloves.  It turns out it’s 5ºC there at the moment and raining heavily.  Although it may get up to 15ºC.  Um.  I then had a look at temperatures in Vancouver and Kelowna.  I had been thinking it would be mid 20ºs; it looks like it’s more likely to be mid to upper teens.  If we’re lucky.  So all the agonising over whether my linen shirts fitted so I could wear them with jeans and sandals?  Utterly pointless.  As was the 2 hours I spent finding my favourite linen shirt which had been consumed in the chaotic maw of my wardrobe.  At least I’d never ironed them. 

Cue: panic buying loads of jumpers I can’t really afford, bewailing spending the money on a lightweight cagoule since warm is clearly going to be the order of the day, wondering what to wear on my feet if I want to wear a skirt occasionally as Birkos are clearly going to leave me with frostbitten toes and I’m going to have to wear opaques.  Reader: I have ordered some ankle boots to wear with both jeans and skirts.  I’d rather wear a longer boot with skirts but packing complications prohibit this - and I notice that wearing ankle boots with skirts appears to be sartorially acceptable at the moment.  Whether the boots will arrive in time is a WHOLE other issue.  Nothing like a bit of additional stress to spice up the approach to a holiday, is there.

I hardly need to say, do I, that I have utterly failed to meet any of my targets for going away.  Target #1 would require me to be 11.5lbs lighter by next week, hastily revised target#2 would require me to be 3.5lbs lighter by next week.  In 25 weeks I have lost a dismal 1st, 10.5lbs.  It’s very hard not to be discouraged by this.  Nonetheless, I plod on.


Seren said...

I don't think that is dismal. I think it is steady, consistent loss and given how hard you have had to fight for every one of those pounds, I think you should be proud. I'm proud of you, if that counts for anything.

Difficult to draw any conclusions after a single week - and a period week at that, but if the fast days aren't making a difference then you definitely need to ditch them (they sound horrid. And joyless. Food should never be joyless).

As for the rest, all I can say is brrrrrrrr.


amy said...

Agreed. 24.5 lbs is a lot!

Lesley said...

There is nothing dismal about nearly 2 stone!! Especially when you hsve to battle so hard. I'd take that!! I remember being surprised by how chilly Canada was in June but we still had lots of sunny days and some warm ones in between the chillyvand downright cold ones. Not easy to pack for as I'm not very good at layers!!

Lesley xx

Gabby said...

Agree with everyone, you should be proud and excited about that loss! I'm impressed! And I bet next week you'll see a drop too.

Curlygirl said...

Unfortunately "woman loses 24.5lb through hard work and sacrifice" is never going to be the headline story in Chat magazine, but it is a lot more realistic than "I took a £3 miracle pill and lost 200 lbs over a Bank Holiday weekend". Celebrate it and celebrate yourself. Slow and steady wins the race. Xx