Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Feeling needled

My extremely sterotypical mad prof has prescribed me a diabetic drug which should/could help me lose weight.  The fact that I AM diabetic is incidental as they think I'm too thin to fit the criteria for it on the NHS.  I bet I'm not actually......  Yep, totally not too thin.  Anyway, I have to pay for it privately - the idea is to try it for a few months and then if it makes a difference, use that as ammunition with my GP.  Not sure it will work since this is the practice that wouldn't give me antibiotics after I'd had sinusitis for 2 months and was weeping with the pain.  They seem to get off on saying 'no'.  But there's no point in worrying about that until I find out if it works.

One immediate flaw with this is that I have to, gulp, inject.  Into my stomach (or thighs).  I don't think they've come up with a needle long enough to penetrate the flab but I had my lesson today (no actual stomach was bared) and I start after a long weekend the weekend after next.  On the basis that it can make you feel sick initially and I don't want to waste that time feeling sick.

And of course, my body's stubborn refusal to drop any weight.

Actually I have just gone to weigh myself for the first time in - oh, some time.  I saw what she wrote in kilos on my form and in trying to work out my BMI (this is the criteria), I thought I must have seen it wrongly.  Or worked it out wrongly.  Or something where it was wrong.  But it's not.  Admittedly this is at the end of the day but I am a stone over my heaviest pre Lighter Life weight.  I can't quite believe it.  That's almost 5 stone heavier than my lightest weight, 2-3 stone heavier then when I got married and heavier than I've ever been.  I'm so shocked and upset I'm actually shaking.  If I'd eaten junk for the last year - and lots of it - I'd understand it.  I haven't.  My usual daily diet is yoghurt and fruit with 2tsp of nuts for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and soup or fish and veg for dinner.  Fruit for snacking and a coffee a day.  Where am I going wrong?

No wonder I can't climb stairs any more without gasping for breath.  I guess the self-loathing will help me to jab the needle in.

The teeny-tiny silver lining is that she thought my BMI wasn't high enough: "I can see from looking at you".  It's way, way high enough.


Lesley said...

Well, I truly hope it helps you as you need something to go your way hon.

I know what you mean about weight shock though. I have seen some horrible numbers flash up recently, pretty much out of the blue so am on a desperate quest to get back into "okay" before Christmas and winter when I won't have anything to wear!!

Will be blogging again soon. L xxxx

Linz M said...

I really hope this works for you. Your doctor sounds the same as mine!

I had a similar weight shock this week - post holiday so I feel your pain.

Good luck with the jabs, I am not sure I could manage it!


Seren said...

Everything crossed that this works for you. Looking at your daily diet description it sounds...well, beyond frustrating that your body isn't playing ball.


Blods said...

Have you had your thyroid thoroughly checked out, as this can cause havoc with weight? Apparently, there are quite a few different tests they can do and it can take some time to discover underlying problems. Perhaps it's time to change to a more sympathetic surgery? Good luck with the injections Blods x